Common Questions about our Weekly Personal Chef Service

How many meals do I get?

For 1x weekly menus we do 3 main dishes and 3 sides; if your chef comes twice a week they do 5 dishes each time; 2 mains, 2 sides and 1 ‘choice’. Tell us if you have specific meals needs or requests and we can tailor your menus accordingly.

How do you estimate portion size?

We make protein entree dishes in 6-8 oz portions per adult.  We cook based on experience of what we think you’ll need for each dish and are happy to adjust portion sizes if it is too much or too little.

Can you cook an extra dish some weeks if we are planning to have company?

Yes, we offer a couple affordable “Add Ons” – one of which is cooking an extra dish.  Whether the dish be a dessert, another entrée, an appetizer or a side dish, we can whip up a delicious extra to meet your needs.  Please notify us in advance.

What other “Add Ons” do you offer with the Weekly Chef Service?

We also offer “Mommy & Me” meals.  If you have a little one who’s about ready to start eating real food and you’re interested in exposing them to all the flavors and nutrients you like to eat, we can turn four of your dishes into purees your baby can eat with you.

Where is the food prepared?

We receive our ingredients at our HQ in upper manhattan, where our chefs prep the dishes before coming to your home to cook the food in your kitchen.  We will work with whatever equipment you have and bring along any additional tools we may need.

How often do you come to cook?

We come to your home once or twice a week on a day that works best for you and our chefs’ schedules.

How long does it take to cook the meals for the week during your visit?

Usually we are cooking in your kitchen for about 2 hours – this includes prepping, cooking, and clean up.

What equipment do I need?

Our chefs are very experienced, versatile and comfortable in any kitchen.  We can improvise for certain things, and will double check before if we need certain specialty equipment or tools.

A few things we cannot improvise:

  • Cutting Board
  • Dish/Hand Soap and Sponges
  • Paper Towels/Countertop Spray

What if my kitchen is really small?

Not to worry!  As professional chefs we have experience cooking in kitchens of all shapes and sizes and will make your kitchen work in ways you never thought possible.  If your kitchen happens to lack a sink, stove, or refrigerator, you might want to let us know.


How do you store the food?

We store the food in your ‘tupperware’ or other food storage containers.  We are happy to pick some extra containers up with the groceries if you’d like us to – please let us know.  Also, in an effort to be most environmentally friendly, we ask that you please use reusable containers and not disposable ones.  Thanks!

Do you take into account special dietary needs?

Absolutely.  We can cook Gluten free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Kosher, Heart Healthy, Low Sodium, Low Sugar, Low Calorie and more.  Specify what needs or restrictions you’d like us to work with when filling out the online form and we’ll be happy to accommodate.

Can I make special requests to menu selections?

Certainly, if you have any requests or changes whatsoever, do not hesitate to speak up.  We welcome any requests from the website, past menus, and omissions or changes to any menu item.  Remember, each dish we offer is prepared just for you; so it’s completely customizable!

Can I be home while you’re cooking?

Yes of course! We are ‘guest’ chefs in your home and want you to feel comfortable to go about your routine.  While we do not allot enough time for “instruction,” (unless you’ve booked a cooking class), we are happy to converse and welcome you to observe.  For safety purposes, we ask that kids and pets be supervised, but are of course welcomed to be around and observing as well.

Do I need to make a commitment or sign a contract?

While we do loyalty pricing discounts, we do not require any time commitment.  You can use Carried Away as frequently or infrequently as you’d like, but our chefs tend to book up during certain busy times with regular clients. The service agreement states the expectations for both parties when you book a Carried Away chef. Click here to review the Carried Away Personal Chef Client Service Agreement.

What’s the next step?

Fill out our online consult form to submit your food preferences and have a chef contact you with a customized menu and to set a date for cooking!