Home cooking classes NYC

“I find a recipe is only a theme, which an intelligent cook can play each time with a variation.”  – Madame Benoit

Cooking Instruction Party

You want a get together with your nearest and dearest.  You want to do something unique and change up the routine when it comes to entertaining a group.  Why not host a cooking class party?  You’ll laugh, eat, learn and socialize while your chef entertains you with a cooking demonstration where you get to eat the meal, learn fun food and wine facts, and get the scoop on tricks of the trade to make your cooking adventures easier, more fun, and delicious.  Your ‘curriculum’ and menu will be a collaboration with your chef on what interests you and the group.  Try a Carried Away Cooking Class in NYC if you are dying to know the secrets of the following and more:

  • Handmade fresh pasta
  • Making delicious vegetable dishes you and your kids will enjoy
  • Birdseed to Beautiful: Turning healthy whole grains into something marvelous
  • Cooking with the seasons
  • How to make the perfect sauce
  • Dessert fever – how to create tasty desserts that look beautiful
  • Voraciously Vegetarian – How to cook delicious Tofu



home cooking classes NYC for kidsKids cooking classes

Empower your children with the knowledge of what they are eating, how it was made and teach them how to make it!  The kids will have a blast getting themselves involved in the cooking process and getting to eat it after.  They’ll help prepare a menu that incorporates healthy food with fun preparations which will expose them to new flavors, dishes and the care and safety of being in a kitchen. A great plan for a birthday party, school vacation activity, an afternoon of baking, or just simply quality family-time.



Individual Cooking Classeshome cooking classes NYC

Do you like to cook, but lack the skills or confidence to do so?  Would you love to make a home-cooked meal that your spouse, family or friend will love?  How about having the skills to make mouth-watering dishes that will save you money and calories compared to eating/taking out?  Private one-on-one cooking classes are available; learn how to cook a specific meal or basic to advanced cooking techniques in the comfort of your own home.

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