Carried Away brings the finer points of dining to everyday meals while making your life easier, healthier, and more delicious.

Our in-home personal chefs in New York City incorporate bright, bold flavors with healthy, wholesome ingredients tailored to your family’s taste buds. Our family-oriented personal chefs’ ultimate goal is bringing families to the table to enjoy a convenient, efficient and effective way to enjoy family time around the dinner table.

‘It takes a village’ and we are a part of that village; an integral part of your support network needed to create the lifestyle you work hard to achieve. We believe that families should eat together and talk about their days.  We also think that instilling good habits and love of food in children comes from sharing in meals together- we provide a path to accomplishing this.  All parents and individuals alike deserve to come home and enjoy family time or downtime without having to worry about what to make for dinner or where to order unhealthy takeout from.

Our mission

Our mission is to bring consistency and quality to the residential chef industry for the clients and the talented chefs who sustain it. We aim to be the most comprehensive home dining solution; providing the chef, the relationship, and experience. We are the best, most custom, comprehensive and convenient solution to dining or entertaining at home without having to plan, shop, cook or clean.

Carried Away Chefs provides talented, dedicated chefs who are team players a sustainable, growth oriented working environment that fosters creativity and community. We are committed to fostering for our team, the sustainable work-life balance we enable for our clients; through fair wages, manageable schedules, career growth and collaboration.

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