Summer Squash Carpaccio

Looking for something do do with all the summer squash?

Summer Squash Carpaccio

A handful of small, summer squash arrived in our Misfits Market box this week that I figured I could incorporate in the meal as well (we were having Gnocchi with Pesto). Immediately my daughter saw the yellow squash and announced she’d only eat them as a ‘chip’. Now I know that squash has too high water content to turn into a chip in a traditional oven like Sam makes her kale chips at Healthy to the Core NYC, but I agreed to try. While I sliced them up on a mandolin I remembered my all time fave summer squash carpaccio. I negotiated with the girls that if they tried one piece I’d then make the other half in to chips; they liked the carpaccio version so much they ate it all before dinner!

Appetizer or side dish for 4


2 small yellow summer squash (or zucchini)
Fresh basil, small handful
Sea salt, cracked pepper
Good olive oil
Parmesan cheese – preferably a block


If you have a mandolin, now is the time to use it! Otherwise use a sharp knife to slice the summer squash into very thin rounds. You can transfer the rounds to a bowl or leave them on your board, but season gently with sea salt, pepper and a small squeeze of lemon- the thin slices take in the salt very quickly so it’s easy to over-salt (this is the only time i’ll ever say go easy on the salt).

Arrange the slices in circles on a platter however you wish. Use a vegetable peeler to shave several thin pieces of parmesan cheese over the top. Gently slice the basil thin and sprinkle over the top. Finally, drizzle with a little olive oil and serve immediately. We went right at it with a fork but this would be lovely over arugula for the more civilized 🙂