Paris Getaway

When you smooch your future husband for the first time in Paris while studying abroad, it seems only fitting to return eight years later to celebrate your first wedding anniversary.  My husband and I had the pleasure of a four night getaway to France this past Memorial Day weekend.

After three whirlwind days and nights immersing ourselves in the romantic and eclectic neighborhoods of Paris, we spent the most relaxing and beautiful day & night at a chateau in the Loire Valley.  After a quick panic over being ‘sans voiture’ and unable to visit every cheese producer, vineyard and chateau in Chinon, my loving and patient husband reminded me that sometimes I need to be tethered just to sit back and simply enjoy the beautiful surroundings.  A catnap by the pool, the pleasant melody of birds chirping (it could have been a soundtrack it was so dreamy), and a three hour lunch complete with wine pairings in the garden; I realized this was heaven.  What can I say?… We balance each other, and we love France.

A magical weekend and the perfect way to celebrate an outstanding first year of marriage… here’s to a lifetime more!